Is a Bump in my Nose Where the Surgeon Broke It Common After 14 Months?

I had open rhinoplasty 14 months ago and right after the surgery I noticed a bump on the bridge of my nose. The surgeon claimed that the bump was just swelling because the place were the bump was is where he had to brake the nose. I have noticed a reduction in this bump but it is still visible and gives my nose an asymmetrical look. after 14 months I am growing very impatient. Is it normal for a bump to present where the doctor broke the nose? and can ice help reduce swelling?

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Bump remains on nose after rhinoplasty

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14 months post rhinoplasty the majority of the swelling should be gone you may have a small residual amount however If the bump is still visible and palpable you need to go in and speak with your surgeon. A revision procedure may need to be done and some rasping on the dorsum to correct the problem. Best regards!

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Nasal bumps after rhinoplasty

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Nasal bumps, or imperfections, can often be felt after rhinoplasty, and very occasionally they can be seen, especially with thin skin. If you have visible imperfections after 14 months, they will not go away and a revision to smooth out the imperfection may be needed.

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Is a Bump in my Nose Where the Surgeon Broke It Common After 14 Months?

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14 months!!! You need revisional surgery on the bump area of your nose. See your chosen surgeon to discuss. 

Might need a revision

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A small bump in the area where the nose was broken could be caused by several problems.  I agree with the statement made above if it is a small bump, fillers might help.  However, it often requires only a very short, simple procedure to correct such problems after surgery.  Sometimes, irregularity in the bone needs to be shaved, sometimes scar tissue in the area needs to be removed.  I would definitely discuss this with your surgeon as a 15 min outpatient procedure may be all that is needed. 

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Bump on nose after rhinoplasty

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by 14 months, the majority of the healing has occurred. Sometimes scarring can lead to a bump along the dorsum of the nose after surgery. If small, sometimes a small injection of a filler can correct that imperfection, and may never need to be repeated. If small, that beats reoperation to correct the small bump.

Rick Rosen, MD
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