Bump on my Nose That Wasnt Thier Before 2 Months After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had my profile reduced,and the front of my nose thinned a little.3 weeks after, i began to feel a small bump (right side on bridge directly below my eye)which has gradually got bigger and is now slightly visible . It feels like bone.I'm wondering if this will go/reduce and can it worsen, i didn't even have this bump to begin with :( My surgeon said when i went in at 3/4 weeks that we would have to wait, he did lots to my nose and it must heal,he said no nose feels perfect...

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New bump after nosejob?

It sounds like you are a month after rhinoplasty.  As the swelling starts to go away, some minor imperfections may become visible.  Often, imperfections of bone or cartialge are palpable but not visible.  In your case, if it starts to become visible, you and your surgeon should discuss options. 

The smartest option is to do nothing, wait and let the body continue to heal.  The bone has a live lining call periosteum and it can swell after surgery, causing bumps.  Another option is to inject a diluted steroid injection into the area.  I use a diluted version of Kenalog becasue sometimes it works too well and a depression can replace the bump...which may or may not gradually come back to a normal elevation.  Dluted Kenalog is a reasonable option.

So, proceed cautiously.  Disucss with your doctor.  Consider steroid injection.  Be patient.  Do not rush back into a revision procedure right away as things may improve on their own over the next few weeks and months



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Rhinoplasty - post surgery bump

I am having a little trouble seeing your issue.  The swelling from your surgery is probably going down and you now feel slight irregularities more after the surgery.  Revisit with your surgeon regularly to document the issue and after 6-12 months, in my practice, I would consider revision.  Best Wishes!!

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Post rhinoplasty recovery


Dear Keade, Follow your surgeons post operative instructions and continue close evaluation through the recovery phase. The nose takes sometime to heal and it is a process which takes some patience. While the healing process is taking place many changes will occur to the nose. As the swelling dissipates if the bump is still visible then you can further discuss that at that time. Sometimes a bump may be palpable and not visible so wait and see where you are in recovery in a few more months. In the interim keep frequent appointments with your surgeon for peace of mind! Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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