What is This Bump on my Lip? Is It a Hypertrophic Scar?

I had a lip piercing for about two years and it would occasionally get a bump on the bottom part of the circular barbell I usual had in it but it would eventually go away about 3 months ago it stayed no matter what I did so I went to the doctor who told me to take it out and it would go away and leave three usual small scar and gave me 10 days of antibiotics its been a month since then and its still very noticeable I'm not sure if its a hypertrophic scar since it isn't dark so I have no idea what it might be

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Lip scars often require scar revision

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This bump is either a cyst or a scar.  Either way, it is likely beneficial to have it surgically removed to prevent recurrence of the bump.  Differential DX:

  1. Cyst
  2. Scar

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What is This Bump on my Lip

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It’s impossible to tell without actually seeing you and palpating the area.  It could very well be a hypertrophic scar, or a cyst which formed in the area.  If it is a hypertrophic scar, scar revision may be necessary.   Sometimes steroid injections may be considered, but again it’s impossible to tell without seeing you. 

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It could be a granuloma.

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It could be a granuloma - a delayed inflammatory reaction to the piercing. Your doctor may consider doing a biopsy if it persists. These nodules/ bumps usually resolve after removal. 

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