What is this bump on lateral nasal? (Photo)

Hello. I just got a CT scan done a couple days ago for a neoplasm. I had a rhinoplasty 6 years ago and developed the same mass 6 months after the procedure but it went away on its own. My doctors dont seem to know what it is. Have you seen this before? And if so, what is it and whatcan be done?

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Nasal mass

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It is difficult to tell from this photograph alone what the diagnosis of the mass is.  Complete evaluation requires manual palpation of the mass and an internal evaluation of the nose (usually endoscopy with magnification)>
After this evaluation and review of the CT scan, a diagnosis is usually made.  In certain cases, a tissue biopsy is necessary to confirm the diagnosis.

Need to do physical exam

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The area you refer can be many thing including edge of the nasal bone after osteotomy, fatty tissue and scar. Please see your doctor for examination. 

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