Bump from Stitches on Face?

Hello, I had an excision done on my face and there is a bump at the end of the incision where I believe there is a knot from the stitches (or scar tissue). It has been 1 month. It's like there's a huge zit there. Is there anything that can be done to dissolve the stitches or fix the bump? I can't wait months for the stitches to dissolve on their own because it's ruining my face.It's bad. What can be done? Coritsone? Hylaurondaise? I had it done out of state so I can't see.the original surgeon.

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Bump from Stitches on Face?

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The bump could be swelling but it is likely a "standing cone" which results from creating an oblique angle at that point with the excision. The result is bunching of the skin that tends up. This will likely improve with time. Injections will most likely not help. If the bump is still there at 6-12 months it can be excised. You might consider calling your plastic surgeon to inquire whether massage of the bump is OK. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Weber Facial Plastic Surgery

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