What is This Bump for on the Side of my Nasal Bone? (photo)

Prior to my open septo-rhinoplasty, I had a dorsal hump and bumps on both lateral sides of the bony portion of the bridge. My doctor, whom I feel did a good job, took down the dorsal hump and one of the lateral bumps-- the left side to be exact. . Why would he have left the right side slightly protruding? I want to understand this better before the next visit. I trust my surgeon completely, but I won't see him until mid-June. Spreader grafts were used. 7 wks post op. Thank you for your input.

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Residual bump after septorhinoplasty?

It's difficult to see any asymmetry in your nose with the photo that you have shared. From my view point, it looks like you are healing well. A close up examination by your surgeon would be the best way to address your concerns. Thanks for sharing your photo and questions. Best wishes.

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