Bump 1 Year Post-op - It Wasn't There Before Surgery

A few months back I saw my Dr. for a follow up visit at 9 months after rhinoplasty, he acknowledged there was a bump, that was NOT present prior to surgery. He said that he would be able to "file it down". I just went last week at the 1 year mark and when I re-addressed the bump problem, he pretty much blew it off and was rude with me.He gave me a completely different answer than he did 3 months ago. I want to know if I have any recourse here. I'm left with a bump that was NOT there before!!

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Post-op Nasal Bump Not present Prior to Surgery

First, explain your frustration to your surgeon. If you are not satisfied with the surgeon's response, get a second opinion and discuss alternatives.

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Bump after Rhinoplasty

I am sorry to here about your experience.  Your recourse may be to have that area smoothed as your surgeon stated before.  I would revisit with him to refresh his memory about revising your surgery.  If that does not fly then I would visit with several board certified plastic surgeons to get their recommendation.

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Bump on nose

The bump may have either not been addressed or "appeared" because the lower part of the nose, where the nasal septal catilage is, may have dropped a little.  This would make the upper or bony part of the nose, protrude relatively and look like a bump.  Either way, it is can be fixed.  Either bring the bony part of the nose down or put a small cartilage graft on the bottom part of the nose to bring it up.  Both are fairly straightforward procedures. I think a discussion with yor surgeon with photos would yield the most benefit here. 

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Recourse with surgeon after rhinoplasty.

You need to go back to your surgeon in a non confrontational way and say "I didn't have a bump on my nose before and now I do--could you please file it down for me." This is a minor procedure and he may do this. I will do this under local anesthesia and it takes 5 min. to do.

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