I have had a bump from a 2 year old collagen injection?

I have had a bump from collagen for  2 years when will it Disappear? Can i do something to make it Disappear?

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Collagen injection bump

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One of the reason Collagen is not as popular as the new fillers (restylane, juvederm), is because it does not last as long, maybe 3-4 months. Having a bump for as long as you have it sounds very unusual. I agree with the post from the other Doctors. 

My only other thought is that if it was truly Collagen that was injected it may have been placed too superficially. If steroid injections don't work, it may need to be removed surgically.


Best of luck,

Dr Siegel

Bump from collagen injection as a filler

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If your bump is from collagen injections, then you might have a cyst, or, the collagen had an additive as can be found in some products, more commonly found in countries other than the U.S. Some fillers are meant to be semi-permanent and can last for several years by adding other ingredients. The problem with the latter, is that if there is not a good result, or a complication, then it will last too long.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Bumps Long After Collagen

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Are you sure you had collagen injected?  If your injection was performed abroad, you may have had any number of other fillers injected instead.  If you are sure it was collagen, then you probably have a long-term scar reaction of some sort.  In either case, you probably will improve with steroid injections at low doses into the bump (triamcinolone 2.5 mg/ml).

Minas Constantinides, MD
Austin Facial Plastic Surgeon

Collagen Injection

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Bovine Collagen typically lasts 1-3 months at most.  Given the variety of longer lasting fillers available, it is injected much less frequently than 6-8 years ago.  The bump is likely a chronic inflammatory reaction to your injection.  As Dr. Placick suggested: find out if it was really collagen or not.

Two year old collagen bump

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If collagen was truly injected, It is unlikely to be the collagen but more likely a side effect such as a cyst or granuloma.

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