Had 3rd Revision on Bump on my Bridge, Still Signs of it There, Could it Just be Swelling? (photo)

i had my third revision a bony bump on m bridge when cast came off my dr shaved it off with i dont know what in his office at 23 rd day of surgery but still i see a bump at the same place is it swollen? will it go away?i feel its hard plz help

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Bump on Bridge 23 Days Post Revision Rhinoplasty

It appears that you have bruising surrounding the fullness of your bridge which is unusual 3 weeks after a revision rhinoplasty. Hopefully this is swelling which will resolve in the very near future. Schedule a followup appointment with your surgeon in the next couple weeks.

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Third Revision


I see unusual bruising on your bridge at 23 days post-op. Also you have a polly beak deformity towards the tip of your nose. A polly beak deformity is when there is fullness or a hump close to tip of your nose. See link below for further explanation. i would suggest going for a second opinion.



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