Bump on Bottom of Breast and Extreme Arm Pain After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had 600cc silicone implants inserted through the armpit area 10 days ago. I had notice the small bump under my breast 2 days after surgery, it feels like a sloshing/slightly painful lump. I am also having is extreme fits of stabbing and burning armpit to elblow pain that can also be felt a little in the upper corner of the breast, the pain started getting worse today after a hard sneeze.. What could be going on here, I'm really worried or am I really worry for no reason

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Bump on Bottom of Breast and Extreme Arm Pain After Breast Augmentation?

Thanks for the question and for the attached photo.

Neither of these are likely to be lasting issues. You are most likely feeling the implant at the breast fold where the tissue is thinnest after the dissection made for the implant insertion, and as this heals, a capsule will form around the implant as another layer and should make this look and feel even.

As far as the arm symptoms, they are most certainly from a stretch injury to a sensory nerve either from positioning for the surgery or from retraction for exposure during surgery. These are almost always self-limiting processes, and symptoms can be improved with anti-inflammatories, such as  alleve or motrin, and after 10 days they should be ok to take , but do check with your surgeon.

Best wishes.

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Discomfort And Lumps In Breasts 10 Days After Augmentation

The good news is the bump that you feel at the bottom of your left breast, because of the sloshing and because silicone breast implants have a rounded bottom, is more than likely fluid in a small pocket just below the implant.  Most plastic surgeons wash the implant pocket out with saline.  Not all of this gets sucked out during surgery, so its more than likely a little pocket of fluid which your body will resorb, and the bump should go away.

The pain you are referring to in your armpit and down your arm, unfortunately at this stage, is not totally uncommon.  It should subside with time.  This is an important question to bring to your plastic surgeon.  You are going through that uncomfortable period where it is important to talk to your plastic surgeon and get reassurance from him/her.

Pain and "bump" after breast augmentation

The bump/lump you are feeling may be the breast implant.  The area you describe is where there is the least amount of your own tissue covering the implant.  This should improve as the capsule forms.

The pain from the arm pit to the elbow is probably due to retraction during the procedure and the resulting bruising and swelling of a sensory nerve in the area of the incision.  I would treat this symptomatically with heat and NSAID's.  This, too should get better with time.

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Concerns after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question and picture.

Based on your description and concerns, I would suggest following up with your plastic surgeon. He/she will be in the best position to advise you after direct examination. Again, based on your history and description, it is possible that you are feeling the breast implant along the lower pole of the breast.  Again, physical examination will be necessary to confirm this. Also, given the upper extremity discomfort you are experiencing, I would suggest that you rest that upper extremity ( by your side) and consider the use of anti-inflammatories ( if okay with your plastic surgeon).

 I hope this helps.

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