Bump Appeared After Rhinoplasty. Still Can't Breathe, Either.

I had rhinoplasty about 11 months ago. I got my deviated septum fixed, my nose straightened (although, I'm not certain it is straight as it looks crooked in pictures), a hump removed, and the tip pulled in to make the overall size smaller.... I still cannot breathe AT ALL through my nose, only when it is lifted. A hump appeared on the left side soon after, and has not gone down . The doctor says it is cartilage but will not explain how it got there. I am not sure what I should do. Help please!

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Nasal Obstruction and Hump 11 Months after Rhinoplasty

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You have been patient, waiting 11 months after surgery to evaluate your result. If your surgeon does not address your concerns, get a second opinion. Consult with a physician who is experienced in revision rhinoplasties.

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