Bumps Under Eyes After Voluma Filler? Disaster! (photo)

I had Voluma injected into my cheeks but somehow it ended up under my eyes and now i am left with two bumps..plus a pea size ball under my eyes which went there from previous radiesse fillers.The bumbs were there right after the cheekfillers and my doctor in Dubai has tried to dissolve them with Hylaronidase however she injected it 5 times on different dates and i feel my eyes got more hollow from that.After one year i am left with the bumps and hollow eyes.I am 31 and look much older.Help!!

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Voluma and dissolving product

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Without an exam it is difficult to say much. Hyaluronidase should have dissolved the product. If you have lumps of product they should have went down.  Are you sure that it was that product?  Are you also see bags of fat?

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