Had Bullhorn Lip Lift - Not Enough Taken out

Hi. I had a bullhorn lift a number of months ago, and while the result is an improvement, there's still a BIG space between my nose and upper lip. There is also a scar that's noticeable in sunlight and is only now healing and hideable. I am thus reluctant to undergo the procedure again. I am in VA. I also have a thinnish upper lip, and reducing much more space would require something to fix that also, or I'd look like a rabbit-right? Do I have to go through the scar AGAIN? What's next? Thanks.

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Secondary lip lift

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Difficult to comment without a photo, but if you are unhappy with your initial upper lip lift, it should be revised.  There are no new scars, and your initial scar can be improved.  Revision can add volume to your upper lip vermilion and diminish the distance between nose and upper lip. You will not look like a rabbit if the procedure is conceived and executed to distribute the amount of lift evenly across the entire upper lip.

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