I'm 15 yrs old. Bulging prominent eyes surgery? (photo)

My eyes are big but also very bulging. I feel like they are almost all the way out of my sockets. I don't know if I have a thyroid disease, I'll check it soon. But if I don't is there any operation that can help to kind of put my eyes on the right place? And if it is, how old do I have to be? I am 15 now

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Good questions

You are correct, you do have prominent eyes. There is scleral show (visible white of the eyes below the cornea) and a negative vector (your cornea is anterior to your inferior orbital rim.)

It is a good idea to have your thyroid function checked. Also, do you have symptoms such as dry eyes...how long have your eyes looked like this?

If you are having symptoms, it is not too early to do something about them, but you need a complete examination by an ophthalmologist and perhaps also by a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with experience in orbital and eyelid surgery or a board-certified ophthalmic plastic surgeon.

Good luck!

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