Bulging Outer Thighs Ater Lower Body Lift, Do I Need Lipo to Fix This?

Hello, It has been four weeks now since I did a lower body lift! after the surgery my outer thighs looked great and tight! now I see that the area is bulging! is that normal? & is it fluid or is my skin getting loose again? and it seems like one side is bulging more than the other! I am scheduled for a thigh lift (groin incision) in April and I wonder would a liposuction procedure fix the bulging problem? Your advice please! Thanks!

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You should ask you plastic surgeon this question

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He or she will be able to tell whether you just appear swollen, have left over fatty deposits, or have had some recurrent loosening.  This is definitely a question to ask prior to your inner thigh lift in case something needs to be done at that time.

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