Bulging eyes for thyroid disease?

Hello My name Ghita Florina, am 28 years and suffer from Graves Basedow disease for 5 years I want to do my surgery for protruding orbital decompression in Graves' disease I am desperate, I got to isolate and do not want to live it! Please kindly let me know if your clinic is such a surgery and if I can help! Thank you and waiting with great interest your response

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Orbital decompression surgery

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There are doctors in almost every metropolitan area that can perfo the surgery for you. It's a good idea to learn which surgeons are experts in eye socket surgery and then have a consultation with one of them. Search for an oculoplastic surgeon in your area or go to ASOPRS.org.

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Surgical rehabilitation of Thyroid Eye Disease

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There are many centers all over the world that can provide this type of treatment. I have provided a link below that will help you find a surgeon close to you.

Good luck

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Orbital Decompression in Grave's Disease

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Orbital floor decompression is a well known treatment for bulging eyes due to thyroid disease. By dropping down the orbital floors, the intraorbital contents have more space and the eyeballs will fall back, reducing the bulging eye appearance. You should be able to find this surgery in a wide variety of geographic locations.

Comprehensive surgical rehabilitation is available at many medical centers.

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If you tell us where you live, it is more likely we can make a recommendation that will work for you. It is best to get care close to home. Feel free to private message me this information. Alternatively, you can use the ASOPRS website (ASOPRS dot org). They maintain a regional directory that includes international members. It is best to seek this type of care at a university based (i.e. medical school) academic medical center.

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