What are my options for correcting bulging eyes and sagging lids? (Photo)

My eyes are bulgier than the normal standard. I always look exhausted. My right eye comes forward a little more than the left one which makes them look out of balance. Eyelids are therefore pronounced and now the bottom lid are sagging a bit due to the pressure. What are my options? Should I contact a plastic surgeon regarding getting the eyelids altered to disguise the problem or should I talk to another more general specialist? it really bothers me, Many thanks, David

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What are my options for correcting bulging eyes and sagging lids?

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Hi David
Unfortunately your photo did not highlight your concerns.
Yes, you should see a Plastic Surgeon who can advise you regarding your options.

Bulging Eyes and Exhausted Appearance

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Your photo does not show the very important transition from lower lids to cheeks. I assume though, that you have under-eye hollowness and flat cheeks. 

This can be improved using injectable fillers. Best improvements can be achieved though with facial fat injections. See a facial plastic surgeon who is experienced in fat grafting to the under-eye region.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
Worcester Facial Plastic Surgeon
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