Bulging Tummy 6 Weeks Post-op

Full TT nearly 6 wks ago. 5'6 152 lbs. It has looked this way since day of surgery. Both General Prac. and surgeon (double board cert)say very little swelling now, no seromas, muscle repair IS still intact. Told after sugery I had very little abdominal fat. Yet I still pooch out just as much as before, just w/o the saggy skin. I'm devestated. Surgeon said that's just how the tissue makes me shaped & I need to do sit ups to get results? Are there some people a TT just won't "work" for?

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Bulging Tummy 6 Weeks Post-o

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If your swelling has mostly resolved and your surgeon is confident that you do not have a seroma, then the tummy you see is the real you after all of the loose skin has been removed and the muscles repaired. Not everyone gets the same result after tummy tuck. Your surgeon can only remove the excess skin and fat and repair the muscles to their normal anatomic condition. If your surgeon told you there was little fat then further treatment with liposuction will not give you much improvement. Whats left after that can only be improved by you.   

Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck Results

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This is due to the repair of the muscular wall.  Some patients are tighter than other.  You can improve by exercise which will ffurther tighen the area.

Miguel Delgado, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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