Bulges and asymmetry 8 months after injection of juvederm. Can I expect full recovery? (Photo)

8 months ago I had juvederm ultra injected into nasolabial folds and marionette lines (both of which were not severe though). I am 100% sure it was juvederm, I saw the original pink box and the sticker with the lot number on it. The injections resulted in big bulges and asymmetry. The indurations I felt in my skin for a while have dissolved, however the area around the mouth still looks bulgy, uneven and asymmetrical. Can I expect full recovery if I simply wait it out?

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Bulges and asymmetry after Juvederm

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For people that have more minimal lines sometimes a full syringe of Juvederm can be too much. Simply what happens is there isn't a place for the Juvederm to fill in, and so what it does is create volume instead (what you are referring to as bulges). Side note - a Juvederm box from Allergan is purple (not pink!), so I can't say whether you did or did not have true Juvederm. You can have your Juvederm dissolved if you wish, or things will return to normal over time. But I have seen Juvederm last for over a year, so you if you don't want to dissolve the Juvederm, you will need to be patient.

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After Juvederm

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I would suggest going to see your provider if you are not satisfy. He/she can use hyaluronidase  to dissolve some of the product if you are not happy or you can simply wait it out. Keep in mind Juvederm can last anywhere from 9 months to 1 year. Good Luck.

George T. Boris, MD, FRCS - Account Suspended
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

You have to ask yourself how much this area bothers you

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You have to ask yourself how much this area bothers you. There are a couple treatment options, 1) wait for the filler to dissolve on it's own 2) seek a hyaluronidase injection to dissolve the product.

Either way schedule a follow up appointment with your injector to discuss treatment options.

All the Best.  

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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