Bulge Still There--What Next?

I underwent DIEP surgery in August. All was a sucess with breast flaps, and I am cancer free. Soon after the August surgery I noticed a lower abdominal bulge. My PS said it was due to weak abdominal muscles. When the bulge grew bigger, my PS did corrective surgery in Jan. with plication and porcine mesh. I noticed it coming back within a week and now it almost as big as before. What next? Is there any new technique? Will any internal organs be affected? Second opinion? Exercise or not?

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DIEP and Bulge

    The original bulge that you had was well managed with the porcine matrix and plication.  However, the operation was not successful.  It would be useful to know if you had a true hernia or abdominal wall weakness.  There are other options that can be considered, and I would go back to your original surgeon.  Without knowing if you have a true hernia, I could not advise you about exercise or internal organs.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Hernia or fluid accumulation after a tummy tuck or muscle repair

I would begin with a CT scan to determine the cause of the bulge, whether it is from a seroma or a hernia or laxity of the muscle. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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