Bulge/Loose Skin Above Belly Button After Mini Tummy Tuck. Also Will my Puckered Belly Button Improve? (photo)

6 wks ago I had a mini tt w/o muscle repair with lipo to the whole abdo. I went for a full Tt but my ps said I didn't need it and adviced for a mini. My ps did remove some loose skin from above my bb to tighten the skin above. I now have a bulge of skin with feels like normal tissue. What is this? Will it improve with time? I am worried that it's loose skin/tissue that should of been removed with a full tt? My other concern is my puckered belly button. Will this improve? Will the skin re drape?

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Bulge/Loose Skin Above Belly Button After Mini Tummy Tuck

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Thanks for your question and photos. Without having done an exam I would hesitate to second guess the choice of procedure.

But based on the current photo, I think the best bet is to convert this to a full TT and to redo the navel, which should have a better result since no skin will be resected around the area, and the closure will not be on any stretch or tension. Allow a few months in case my thought is wrong, but I am doubtful that any skin tightening will occur as you continue to heal.

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