Bulge in Left Lower Quadrant of Tummy Causing Rash and Vomiting? (photo)

'03 had full tummy tuck, 2010 had c-sec. with third child. Then Jan 2012, I had assisted laproscopic hysterectomy and hemroidectomy. 3 weeks ago. April.I noticed a bulge in left lower quadrant of abdomen after a vacation. pretty much came up over night. CT scan = nothing.Many MDs seen, no answers. Hernia=? When I rest it SEEMS to go down a little, then gets bigger as day goes on. Srgn ref. me back to plastic surgeon this week. Now have developed rash and vomiting.Need thoughts on repair??

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Bulge in Left Lower Quadrant of Tummy Causing Rash and Vomiting?

Just from your description it is of great concern. You may have a hernia causing the intestines to become stuck. Seek immediate care. 

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Post-op Bulge is of great concern

From your story and symptoms, it sounds like you have developed a reducible hernia secondary to the laparoscopic surgery.  The CT scan did not show it because the hernia reduced itself when you laid down for the scan.  The "rash" and vomiting are most likely due to a piece of kinked intestine bulging through the hernia.  I doubt this is related to your tummy tuck so seeing your plastic surgeon would only delay your diagnosis. If your laparoscopic surgeon won't see you, then you may consider going to a general surgeon ASAP.  They are experts in hernia repair.   If the bulging area becomes painful, it could be a sign that the blood supply to whatever piece of tissue is bulging through the hernia is getting choked off ("strangulated hernia") and this is a surgical emergency.  Hope this helps.

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Bulge and Vomiting after Intra-abdominal Surgery?

Thank you for the question and picture.

Your situation sounds complicated especially since several  physicians and imaging studies have failed to make a diagnosis. Your symptoms of rash vomiting asociated with the "bulge" are certainly concerning.   You may be better off seeking additional medical attention sooner rather than waiting for your plastic surgeon's appointment this week.  Potentially dangerous issues such as bowel obstruction (secondary to small abdominal wall hernia) should be ruled out.

Again,  knowing that there is only a limited amount of advice he can be provided online, it would be best for you to seek repeat in person evaluation (ASAP).

Best wishes.

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