Why Do I Have a Bulge Under One Eye After Eyelid Surgery?

I had an upper and lower eye lift with Restylane injections in my cheeks. After healing my left eye had a bulge under it. My doctor did an in office surgery to remove what he said was fat my body replaced from inside the lower lid. Prior to my first surgery I had no bags, but hollows and very dark circles. After the second surgery,I had terrible swelling and pain and the bulge remained. My doctor ordered a CT scan and it shows microcalcifications. Can this be repaired? Is my doctor responsible?

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Bulge under the eyelid after eyelid surgery

I cannot directly comment on your case without examining you, but there are many reasons why this could happen.  Most often, swelling that is slow to resolve is to blame, especially when lower eyelid surgery is combined with injectable fillers in the upper cheeks. Fat could have been repositioned during surgery, or the orbital septum violated.  The Restylane injections could have migrated upward, which would improve spontaneously over the coming months.  This could also be scarring occurring after surgery. I'd recommend seeing an experienced oculoplastic surgeon for a complete exam to determine if anything acutely should be done, or if time is all that is required.

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