Bulge, Excess Skin, and Knots After Full Tummy Tuck. Was It Done Wrong? (photo)

I had twins ft and was looking to get rid of all the excess skin and diastasis. I am 2 1/2 weeks post op now and am so depressed with the results. Lots of skin still hangs when I sit as if I had nothing taken away and there seems to be more skin on one side then the other. I am most unhappy because nothing of the upper abdominal bulge is gone. If I lay flat I can feel sutures underneath all the way down so I know it was done. And on top of everything my belly button seems odd. Is this normal?

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Questionable tummy tuck result

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I agree with Dr. Blinski's concern that you maybe didn't go to a real Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Did your Gyn do this surgery perhaps? It doesn't look like you had a full TT and the amount of excess skin removed was inadequate.  Your scar should have been longer to get more skin out.  Perhaps checking on your doctor's credentials and visiting some other BS plastic surgeons in your area will help.

Bulge, Excess Skin, and Knots After Full Tummy Tuck.

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Thank you for your question and for the posted photos. 

It appears that the incision was too short to accomplish what was needed. It also appears that the procedure was not well executed--it is hard to explain the amount of overhang on the left side. 

Although it is rather early to plan a second surgery, I would suggest getting another opinion. I expect that after all the swelling has resolved that you will need a revision. There are enough issues that I would want a different surgeon. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Short scar for a tummy tuck means less skin removal

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It seems like your surgeon tried to keep the incision short, which means that less skin can be removed from the sides. Also, when the skin has stretch marks, it often appears looser after the swelling goes down even when it is pulled tight during surgery. I would try to give everything at least 6 months since you may see some improvement in the contour as well as feel the knots less, but you will almost certainly need a revision to be completely satisfied. Best of luck. 

Dana Goldberg, MD
Jupiter Plastic Surgeon
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Bulge, Excess Skin, and Knots After Full Tummy Tuck. Was It Done Wrong?

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I am going to be more directed. was your surgeon a boarded PS? It appears as a "short cut" TT was done. Yes you will need revision after 3 to 6 months. So very sorry. 

Excess Skin After Tummy Tuck

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It appears as if you almost had some type of mini-tummy tuck done as opposed to a full one based on the length of the scar. For the amount of loose skin that you have, it appears that much more could have been taken. But this will require a longer scar that will likely end up higher. I don't know if the tummy tuck operation was modified because you wanted a shorter and lower scar??Regardless, you will need to wait  6 months after the procedure and then re-evaluate and consider more skin to be removed.

Unhappy with Tummy Tuck 2.5 weeks post-op

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I think it is way too early to make any meaningful judgement on your tummy tuck result.  If you still have loose skin 3-6 months from now, then I would recommend a tummy tuck revision to remove this skin and improve the result.  Good luck.

Tummy Tuck Contour Concerns

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   I must admit that more tissue could have been taken off.  I would heal for 3 to 6 months, and then find someone to revise this.  Find a board certified plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of tummy tucks each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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