Bulge After a Tummy Tuck 8 Weeks Ago? (photo)

I had a full tummy tuck on 6/25 (8 weeks ago) but the results are not what i expected..I read a lot of posts about healing and being patient but I dont thing this bulge its part of the healing process. Please look at my pictures and tell me what you think?? my before picture it's not really good but just to give you an idea. Thanks

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Bulge After a #TummyTuck 8 Weeks Ago? (photo) ANS:

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Your standing pictures look good but you may be one of those patients that benefits from a thinning of your tummy tissue after TT. By that I mean that your TT did it's job by flattening out your tummy, but now you may need to thin out your tummy and you can do that one of two ways..Lipo or weight loss. I have seen great results with both and in many cases we surgeons hesitant to do aggressive lipo of the tummy at the same time as a TT. But overall, you do look flat...

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Tummy Tuck

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I understand what you are saying.  There area many techniques in doing a tummy.  Some doctors are more aggressive than others.  This is a decision that you come to before surgery.  You will improve some as the swelling comes down.  You must be patient and discuss the matter with yor doc.

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Bulge After a Tummy Tuck 8 Weeks Ago?

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Two of your attached photos are fairly standard views, and on both I am seeing a perfectly acceptable outcome. When you are sitting or bent over as in the other photo, the skin will always buckle. If it were straight in that posture, you would not be able to stand erect. I am quite sure that if you had a similar pre-op pose, you would see that the enclosed picture is an improvement. 

Follow up with your surgeon, and discuss your feelings about the outcome. Thanks and best wishes.


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From your pictures we are not able to see the bump you are referring too. The last picture your showing your profile looks good and flat. Without a direct exam it’s hard to see what you are talking about. You should talk to your PS and address you concern.


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Bulge In Upper Abdomen 2 Months After Tummy Tuck

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Congratulations on what appears to be an excellent tummy tuck.  Your belly button is an innie and it is scar free.  You abdominoplasty incision is clean, straight with a lack of exaggerated scarring.  It appears to me that what happened is your plastic surgeon did not do any liposuction of your abdominal wall at the time of the tummy tuck.  Many plastic surgeons would consider this conservative, but then, on the other hand, you have no serious complications. 

The bulge that you display on bending over is really fat in the upper most portion of the abdomen.  This fat existed before the tummy tuck, and it can be suctioned away at a second stage anytime 3 months after your surgery. 

Bulge After a Tummy Tuck 8 Weeks Ago? (photo)

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Results appear as a very conservative TT in the posted photos. Best to try weight loss of 10 pounds than see how you look. 

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