Bone graft showing.

A week ago I had a bone graft done on tooth 19 (36). It was a synthetic bone graft, covered with another material ( some sort of a sylicone material) with stiching and no membrane. The wound has been open but was closing slowly. Today I went for removal of the stiches. However at diner I felt like food has entered the hole. After some investigation, I saw that the graft was actually showing almost at the level of the gums. Is the bone graft going to fail now. What should I do?

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Bone Graft

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Continue follow up with your treating physician so that they can evaluate whether the graft is getting infected or if further positions need to be done. Having exposure of the bone graft doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to lose the graft. Sometimes you can have delay healing of the area, but that won't affect the graft. Continue with your follow up. Good luck!

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