Bulbous Tip and Weird White Cartilage? Sticking out of my Nose 5 Days After Rhinoplasty (photo)

Hello Everybody I just had Rhinoplasty Last Wednesday 1st of August and would like to know even though im still swollen and inflamated , I would like to know if its normal that I have a white type of thing coming out of my left Columnella? or so it seems weird I cannot really describe it , is this Normal due to swelling? or am I overreacting? the Surgeon said everything went fine, but after seeing this the last 2 days it is starting to really freak me out! thanks everybody for your help

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Weird White Cartilage After Rhino?#nosejob

It is very hard to tell if that is actually cartilage or not. If it is cartilage, that is not normal and you should let your surgeon know about that immediately. It could also be some excess skin in that area as well.

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Seven days from surgery and you are healing and performing all that you were asked to do by your surgeon!

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Bulbous Tip and Weird White Cartilage? Sticking out of my Nose 5 Days After Rhinoplasty

PLEASE return to your chosen surgeon for a in detailed examination and explanation so you can calm down. 

5 days out with something white

Tough to tell from your photo (smart phone??).  If it is indeed cartilage sticking out, no that is not normal and I would recommend you see your surgeon immediately.  On the other hand it could be skin that is pale from poor blood flow, in which case you should also let your surgeon know.  If you can post a photo with more detail and taken from a SLR camera it would help.  If it is cartilage though, you should see your surgeon ASAP....

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