How Does a Buildup of Blood Occur During a Neck Lift?

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Hematoma after neck lift

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A hematoma (aka blood clot or blood build-up) can occur after any surgical procedure where tissues are separated and there is a new space for blood to gather.  They are not common, ~1-2%, and if diagnosed early they are successfully treatable.

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Build up of blood, or hematoma, after a neck lift

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This can occur after a neck lift. A neck lift is a surgical procedure and there will be some bleeding afterwards. Most all of the time time I like a drain in the neck to help reduce this occurance. The drain, although tedious, makes a world of difference. Below is an example of a video that helps to answer this question for you to watch and a link to see more informative videos:

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Buildup of Blood Occur During a Neck Lift

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A Neck Lift involves scissor separation of the neck lift from the deeper structure, control of all bleeding vessels with cautery, tightening of the superficial neck muscle (Platysma) in the center and the sides and removal of the skin access behind the ears. This may result is gradual fluid seepage or in some cases a vessel may start bleeding slowly. Since stagnant fluid may become infected as well as keep the tissue layers from adhering many of us put in temporary drains to remove such fluid and promote tissue adherence and healing.

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