Bulge over Belly Button and Painful Bump on Side of Waist. Is It Normal Swelling or Permanent ?

Hi, I had a tummy tuck in 2008 after the birth of my first son. Now 7 months ago I had another son and had a tummy tuck two weeks ago. My first tummy tuck I was very flat and just had a small dog ear. This tummy tuck I have a buldge on top and a bump on the side of my waist where the dog ear useto be that hurts. Should I be concerned or is it normal swelling? Can it be fluid or fat? Does it go away on its own? If I were to loose weigh would it go down? Thank u for your time.

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Tummy tuck fullness can be several things

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Thank you for your question.  I encourage you to post some photos as these often help.  If the bulge is excess fat then loosing some weight will help in reducing the bulge.  If the bulge is excess laxity or a seroma/pseudobursa then these will not improve with weight loss and would generally require a revision if persistent.  Have your plastic surgeon take a look at your periodically and keep track of improvement or the lack thereof as this will help in making an educated decision on how to proceed.

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Supra-Umbilical Bulge....

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This is one of those cases where a physical exam is needed to determine the cause of the  peri umbilical bulge, as well as the bump on the sides. Reason for the bulge may include post surgical edema, a wide umbilical flap, plication defect, hernia...... I feel that it is unlikely due to fluid collection. 

I would encourage you to ask your surgeon during your next post op visit.

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Joseph Ku, MD
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