Bug in Nose 4.5 Months Post Rhino. Was Damage Done?

hello so the other day i was jogging and felt something go into my nose as i was running.... i think it may have been a mosquitoe.... if a bug may have gotten into my nose could any possible damage be done by it? i'm about 4 1/2 months post op rhinoplasty. thank u

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Can a bug in my nose do damage

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If its was a scorpion, a bee, a wasp  or a brown recluse spider maybe  they coud do damage but a mosquito never.

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Mosquito Enters Nose After 4.5 Months Of Rhinoplasty

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I do not believe that breathing a mosquito in through your nose will effect the results of your Rhinoplasty. After all, the insect will lodge in your nose.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Good luck with your results.

Dr. Sajjadian

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