How long does it take for swelling and pain to go away after a TT revision? (photos)

I had a TT Dec 22, 2015 and emergency surgery 5 days later. I'm 39 weeks out, so we finally did the revision (9/15/16). How long will the pain and swelling last? My swelling hasn't gone away since the first surgery and now it feels like I'm back at the starting of healing from the original surgery. This has been a nightmare. My dr isn't good at telling the whole truth. She said there would be no down time but I look like I'm pregnant. What else should I know that she hasn't disclosed with me?

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Your surgeon is your best source but things look like they should at this point.  You should get an excellent result with your scar revision.  Try to stay positive and things will continue to get better.  Best wishes.  

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Recovery from abdominoplasty revision is somewhat unpredictable.

Patients heal at different rates and suffer differently as well. Because of your very difficult postoperative course it might be a good idea to get another opinion.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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