How much for Arms and Braline vaser lipo? Spa offered one price over the phone due cancellation then changed it to full at apt.

A spa offered a special for arms and braline over the phone and when I went to consultation at first said 2875 normal price but when I told her about the filling up a cancelled spot special, she quickly changed it to oh yeah 2575 and can include some of the upper back. I just don't want tone overpay if I can pay that somewhere else when she claimed it was a July special.

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Vaser liposuction: cost of arm and braline vaser lipo?

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hello sugarhilma23

Vaser liposuction cost varies according the areas of the body being treated and the length of surgery. hence a good estimate of the cost can be gotten by an in-patient consultation.  Treatment generally starts at about four thousand dollars for the first hour. #arm #cost

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VASER Hi Definition Liposuction / Body Contouring with Fat Grafting

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I suggest you go to an expert.  The cost with be dependent on who is doing the treatment and if this is a hi definition shaping procedure or not.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Vaser Costs

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First of all, I must confess, I am NOT a board-certified plastic surgeon.  In the opinion of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), I am unqualified to give advice or commentary on aesthetic procedures such as liposuction or anything else involving cosmetic surgery.  Nevertheless, the AMA and many other organizations do recognize the quality of training and experience that is implied by board certification from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, which I have obtained.  In my opinion, the price you were quoted was exceedingly low.  In my experience, liposuction (Vaser or otherwise) cases are rarely performed for under $3000 and sometimes exceed $10,000, depending upon areas treated and the size of the patient.  I agree with many of the responses you have already received - don't trust anything over the phone.  Only after an evaluation by a qualified surgeon (not simply a board certified plastic surgeon) with demonstrated competency in liposuction, can the cost of a specific procedure on a specific patient be ascertained.  If you wish to learn more about the difference between a Cosmetic Surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon, please see the link below.

Vaser Hi Definition Liposculpture/ Liposuction/Fat Grafting/ BBL

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I appreciate your question. Cost varies by geographic location, surgeon expertise, OR time, anesthesia, length of procedure etc.  I would recommend that you go to The American Society of Plastic Surgery website and look for a list of board certified plastic surgeons in your area.  You can call their offices in advance and ask for quotes prior to scheduling consultations. The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam. Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery. Best of luck! Dr. Schwartz Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Director-Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute #RealSelf100Surgeon

Liposuction surgery at a Spa

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You will get exactly what you deserve when you go for surgery at a "spa". You are looking to get a cheap procedure by unqualified people at a less than safe environment but then will be upset if you don't get the best result or if something happens. Where is the patient's accountability for the choices they make? Best of luck to you.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

Spas and Liposuction

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Respectfully, I think you are going in the wrong direction. You should first interview qualified Plastic surgeons after reviewing them online (membership in the American Siciety of Plastic Surgeons PlasticSurgeryorg , their education and training and their online reviews). After you met them and been quoted fees THEN you can pick the best combination of price and skill. No respectable Plastic surgeon would give you free and promise to operate on you without first seeing you. What if you're not even a candidate for the operation, take medicines which make healing hard or have a life threatening disease which must first be cleared before surgery? No respectable Plastic surgeon operates in a spa nor conducts bait and switch sales. So it's guaranteed yiur surgery will be done by a nonPlastic surgeon. If complications were to happen and you were unhappy, who would you turn to then? Could they be fixed and how much would that cost?You should visit the society's website PlasticSurgeryorg  and look for the FEES section which will show you the latest average surgeon fees (not including anesthesia) across the US. It would also list members close to you for you to look up and review. 
Dr. Peter A. AldeaMemphis, TN

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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