I am going into my third week of recovery. What do I do? (Photo)

I am going into my third week of recovery. I am so uncomfortable and swollen. I can hardly wear my glasses. I went to an eye doctor as he was highly recommended and he assured me that he knew I tissue better than anyone. He did the lowers too but when I asked one of his colleagues where the stitches were he couldn't tell me what he had done. There was no record. He suggested that perhaps he put one long stick under the eye and tied it in the corner. Balls of swellen tissue in the corner

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You don't look very swollen.  Your left upper lid incision is a bit lumpy as though you had a sensitivity to the sutures, or they were left in too long.  This skin usually heals very well, so with time and a little massage that scar should flatten and even out.  For the lower lid you may have had it done from the inside of the lid, or had an incision done just under the lashes.  This usually heals quickly so often can't see the scar.  You are still early in the healing phase so be patient.  

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You appear to have a normal amount of swelling, this will take 6-8 weeks to completely resolve.  The incisional thickness and puckering is not abnormal, it make take several months to resolve but I think you will have a good result.  Try to relax, good luck, Jane. 

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