Should I be worried? After rhinoplasty my nose seems to slant to the left (Photos)

After rhinoplasty my nose seems to slant to the left. At first I was told it was uneven swelling but now I'm worried as I'm approaching the one year mark and one side feels different to the touch. Especially at the top of my bridge

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Nasal deviation

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You have nasal deviation and this will not improve with time. Best of luck with your decision to undergo revision.

Nose Deviation After Surgery

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Unfortunately, this will not improve anymore and you will need a revision survey. You may consider discussing your concerns with your surgeon. 


Concerns after surgery

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Since you are almost 1 year post-op, the swelling should be mostly resolved at this time.  This is a good time for you to follow up with your surgeon again so the final results can be evaluated.

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