Pain in Breast 9 Months After Surgery?

I had my breast reduction 9 months ago and for the most part all has gone weil. The past week to 10 days I have been having pain in both breasts. Sometimes it feels like a burn from thie inside around the nipple and some times it is just a sharp pain in the breast. The scars are healing very well and have faded a lot in the past month or so. The pain is not constant and Ibuprofen is helping but since I have not had any real pain in 9 months I am getting a bit concerned. Thank you for your help.

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Pain after breast reduction

It sounds like nerve regeneration.  Not likely anything that needs more than just time to resolve.  It is not normal but also not uncommon to develop pain months after breast reduction it usually rosolves on its own.  A follow up appointment would be reasonable to make sure nothing else is going on however.

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Pain after breast reduction

If you have pain, it is always wise to see your plastic surgeon in followup. Quite often, the pain is from nerve regeneration and this should ease over time.

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It takes 9-12 months for everything to feel completely normal. Without examining you it’s hard to determine what it can be. It sounds like it’s your nerves regenerating.


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