I Had a Revision Rhinoplasty Due to Thick Skin Issues. I Quit Smoking Prior to Surgery but Slipped up. Have I Ruined Everything?

slipped up and had a few cigarettes a week post-op. Have I ruined everything? Are there ways to fix what I have done? Can I help the circulation in other ways? I went through some serious drama and resorted to the old comfort of smoking thinking it would help. I regret it so much. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I don't want scar tissue! Help!

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Smoking Following Rhinoplasty

Smoking in general, is bad for healing.  It can at least slow the healing process and increase risk of infections and scarring, so you should minimize their use as much as possible. The most critical period where smoking can make a difference in healing is during that initial week following rhinoplasty.  However, circulation in the nose is pretty good, even with the effect of nicotine, and I have personally not seen any problems in my rhinoplasty patients who smoke -- and I'm certain that some of them, like you, have been unable to resist. 


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