I had Belotero three weeks ago and still have a bruise that's hard to cover up. Should I be concerned? (photos)

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Thank you for your question,

It is very common to bruise after having a Belotero injection,especially around the delicate eye area.
The bruising should only last a few weeks. If you are concerned contact your physician for options to help speed the healing process.

Hope this helps

Bruise after fillers

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Thank you for your question. You may want to consider IPL treatment to help break up the bruise. It does require going to a place that has experience with this technique to get a good result. It may help to clear your bruise and faster timeline.

Bruising after injection

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Your bruise is resolving, and your photos do not suggest anything more worrisome than a bruise.  While bruising is certainly a risk with any injection, I understand it may be difficult to cover up.  Your options are to give it more time to resolve or contact your treating physician for further options.  In our practice, we often use IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy to "zap" bruises after injections or surgery; this is a concentrated form of light that is attracted to pigment underneath the skin, and in case of bruises, helps to break up the spilled red blood cells.  Lots of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other injecting physicians will use this or another form of treatmed called PDL (pulsed dye laser); these treatments can lighten or resolve a bruise in less than a day.  Good luck!

Inessa Fishman, MD
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon


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Belotero is injected high in the skin and therefore bruising may be more noticeable, especially around the eyes and lips.

There are some things you can do (and not do) to help, for future injections:

AVOID Alcohol, oral vitamin E, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ("NSAIDs" e.g. ibuprofen), in addition to a number of alternative therapies, including garlic, gingko, ginger, ginseng, feverfew, fish oil and green tea; these cause bleeding 

Other less common herbals thatpromote bleeding including: bilberry, black current, bladderwrack, cayenne fruit, celery plant, da huang, danshen, devil’s claw, dong quai, evening primrose seed oil, German chamomile, horse chestnut, kava kava root, licorice, papaya, poplar, sweet closer, tamarind, and willow bark.

Belotero and bruising

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Belotero is one of the best products for the under eye area.  Bruising is extremely common from injections under the eyes.  Make sure not to take aspirin, or blood thinners before your injections.  I also recommend Arnica before and after the procedure. For the best results please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with this delicate under eye area.

I had Belotero three weeks ago and still have a bruise that's hard to cover up.

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Sorry to hear about your bruising following your Belotero injection.  According to the photos, the bruise appears to be improving.   One homeopathic method to help bruises dissipate more quickly is consuming pineapple or taking bromelain tablets.  Bromelain is a naturally occurring enzyme that may help bruises go away more quickly. 

Bruising under the eyes after Belotero

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The area under the eyes is very vascular and tends to bruise and swell a little more than other areas of the face when injections are performed with a needle.  Most of the time, this resolves within a week or so, but can persist a little longer in some cases.  Other HA fillers (such as Restylane and Juvederm) placed in this thin-skinned area can sometimes demonstrate a bluish discoloration under the skin known as a Tyndall effect.  This effect is typically much less common with Belotero, as this product was specifically developed to be used in more superficial layers of the skin.

I would recommend going back to see the injector who treated you and expressing your concerns.  If the volume or placement of the Belotero itself is causing some of the discoloration, it can easily be reduced with an injection of hyaluronidase to dissolve some of the product.  Best, Dr. Gregory Lewen

Gregory D. Lewen, MD, FACS
Miami Oculoplastic Surgeon

Bruising from injections under the eyes

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The pictures show true bruising--not anything permanent or more worrisome. This under eye area can be very difficult to treat and unfortunately, for some patients, the time to heal is just too long. It's very important that you are getting injected by the kind of doctor you can go to with this type of concern. A board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who is approachable for follow up can reassure you and help trouble shoot. IPL or pulsed dye laser can be used to speed the clearance of the bruising. Certain injection styles will reduce the likelihood or extent of bruising. Again, important that your injector has good follow up with their patients. 

Roberta Lucas, MD
White River Junction Dermatologic Surgeon

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