Dry and irritated left eye with night halos that are more prominent than my right

Getting close to my 3 month post op appointment I've had nothing but pain and irritation when waking up and have noticed my left eye feels like there is something always in it throughout the day. They've suggested more use of eye drops(didn't help) the area where it feels like there's something in my eye is the same area my flap was wrinkled and had to be fixed. What seems to be the cause and solution for this.

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Dry eyes

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It sounds like you are experiencing significant dryness in your eyes.  Are you using preservative free artificial tears every hour?  If you are, your doctor may suggest starting a thicker gel-like preservative free drop, lubricating ointment for use at bedtime, punctal plugs, or restasis.  Dryness commonly causes the eye to feel irritated and may affect vision since the tear film is not stabilized.  I recommend that you go back to see your doctor to ask about the other solutions listed above.

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