Why does the bottom left side of my mouth hurt after two replaced crowns and a root canal?

I had a crown put on tooth 18 last October. I had pain, my dentist adjusted the occlusion . He determined that I needed a root canal on tooth 19 (which had a crown).After several attempts he sent me to an endodontist for a root canal.I was still having pain near tooth 18. He ground the crown down. It seemed to help but the pain was not totally gone. He put new crowns over 18 and 19. I've had several occlusion and bite adjustments but still have pain from tooth 18 up to tooth 21.What should I do?

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Mouth Pain

Your pain may be coming from a different tooth than what was treated already but can also be coming from your muscles and due to the changes that have been made to your bite on the left side. It's too complicated for this space to explain the issue, but t if you're pain continues and it can't be isolated to a tooth or teeth, you should find someone who is well versed in dental occlusion and/or TMJ issues.

Pain on lower left

I suggest returning to the endodontist. Let them check all of the lower left. You may need another root canal in another tooth and are having referred pain. 

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