What is a Buff - Puff? I Heard It is Better to Use then Microdermabrasioin at Home, Is this True?

I just wanted to see if a doctor had a answer for this buff-puff thing. It was a doctor on this site who mentioned it. It is something that is safer to use at home...I have very sensitive and thin skin. I have serious issues with wrinkles around the mouth.I am of course losing the collagen in my face. Basically, is there anything that will help at all?

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Buf Puf vs. Microdermabrasion

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I don't suggest patients, especially those with extremely sensitive skin, use anything other than your hands to clean your skin. A Buf Puf (type in Buf Puf to Google and you'll get a picture)  is basically a ball of soft but plasticy material that supposedly helps soothe and scrub your skin. You've seen them at all pharmacies, drug stores, etc. and probably just don't call them this, and this is a specific brand of it is all. Don't use them. They are silly, aggravating, and too much for any skin. You need to use gentle soap (like Dove), lukewarm water, and your hands, lightly.

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