How I go about getting a very natural large breasts that look and feel natural without looking extra fake?

I had seen so many sites showing results of before and after pictures, and couldn't help but notice all breast augmentation look very fake, movement not natural very rounded look. I want natural looking and moving breast. This is very important because my husband get very disgusted by fake breasts. I'm 30years old, short, curvy woman but had breast fed three children. My breast are 34D but very flat and saggy now. Help!

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Breast augmentation can create results that look and feel very natural.

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The smaller your implant is the more natural it could look. I believe the word you may be looking for is proportional. There are a couple tricks to achieving breast augmentation results that look and feel natural. One of the best ways is to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation and has the education and experience to help you select breast implants that balance your figure and fit with your natural breast shape. Depending on the base width of your breast, you may be a good candidate for moderate-profile breast implants that can give a more natural look than high-profile implants while still offering the same amount of volume. Your plastic surgeon may also recommend silicone breast implants and submuscular placement to create the most natural look and feel. You should schedule a consultation to learn more about the possibilities for your breast augmentation.

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How I go about getting a very natural large breasts that look and feel natural without looking extra fake?

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If you really wear a 34D, you are already pretty busty for a short woman.  Maybe you could consider having just a breast lift?  Also, a little fat transfer from some of your curvy areas may help boost your volume some without looking, feeling or being fake.  
I don't think you should let your husband dictate what you do with your body but if he is truly disgusted by fake breasts a.k.a. implants, he may end up being disgusted by yours.  Marriage, especially with three children,  is challenging enough without disgust.   

Lisa Lynn Sowder, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Natural Breast Augmentation

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A natural breast augmentation is a matter of perspective.  While a breast implant is unnatural in and of itself, the new gummy bear silicone gel breast implants, while not prefect because they are not your natural tissue, do feel very "natural" and most women report that they feel like nothing is there.  In other words, they know they have implants but they almost forget that they are there.  Women who have change from the older gel implants or from saline implants say that the gummy bear implants are far more natural feeling and far superior to what they had before.
I have added a video and a web reference for more information about gummy bear implants.
I hope that helps.
Best regards.

Brian Windle, MD
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Natural look

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To obtain a "natural" look with breast implants (is this a dichotomy?) I'd recommend a conservative size, with anatomic shape implants. A lift may also be required if your current nipple position is low. 

Arko Demianczuk, MD
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

If your spouse doesn't like fake breasts

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 then you shouldn't pursue implants as there is nothing natural about them.  Some do look more natural than others but implants are still implants and always appreciable.  And larger implants impart more of a fake look so be cautious as to whether this procedure is for you.  You don't need to do something to further complicate your marriage.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Getting Natural Large Breasts?

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You haven't provided us with any photos so it is difficult to provide much useful guidance. Looking at breast augmentation results on various sites is not very meaningful for your specific circumstances. The results that you see are completely dependent on the starting anatomy of the person in the photo and the choices that we made with regard to implant material, shape, size, and positioning. Your results would look very different depending on how all those questions are answered. 

You have also stated that your breasts are very saggy now. This may mean that you would also need a breast lift which adds additional scars to your breast. If your husband is disgusted by fake breasts then he likely won't be much more accepting of the scars associated with a lift. 

For some patients a teardrop shaped or anatomic implant can result in a more natural result, but this type of implant is not necessarily beneficial to every patient. Your best approach would be to consult with several surgeons who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who have demonstrated experience in achieving attractive results with breast augmentation across a broad range of breast and body types. 

How I go about getting a very natural large breasts that look and feel natural without looking extra fake?

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Thank you for your question.

Breast implant sizes are chosen based on several factors. Measurements of your breast width and the distance between the nipple and crease, are important to make sure that the implant fits within your natural breast base. Implants have what is called a "profile", which is the height of the implant. Extra-high and high profile implants give extra projection, and can give the "rounded" look that you are trying to avoid.

Overall, careful communication of your goals with your board-certified plastic surgeon is the most important factor to get the look that you desire. They will discuss all of your options for breast augmentation surgery.

How I go about getting a very natural large breasts that look and feel natural without looking extra fake?

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You can get a natural-looking breast augmentation, but you should also realize that any implant may be palpable...that is, you or your husband may feel the edge of the implant in the crease under your breast depending on the thickness of your tissues. If your husband, as you say, is "disgusted by fake breasts', then you need to consider this. If, however, you mean that he is disgusted by fake-LOOKING breasts, then getting a natural result is a matter of not going too large for your own tissues (so that they do not look tight and bulgy), and if your tissues are thin, then going under the muscle so that the upper edge of the implant is not prominently visible. A silicone gel implant has the most natural feel. If your breasts are saggy, as you state, then you may need a breast lift if the breasts are hanging over the crease more than a centimeter or two.

How I go about getting natural looking large breasts that look and feel natural without looking extra fake?

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Thank you for your question. Without photos is difficult to give specific advise. It sounds you would do well with a subglandular augmentation with a lift. Submuscular placement might not allow your breasts to move naturally without some breast animation due to the muscle. The other option is for fat grafts to the breasts without an implant, but this will not help your sagging significantly. Need to schedule an in person consultation/evaluation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Best is to bring your husband with you to the appointment. Good luck.

Natural breasts

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How natural an augmentation looks depends on many factors particularly implant size and the amount and quality of the breast tissue. Meet with a PS and they can help you choose an implant.

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