How Can I Correct Bucked Looking Two Front Teeth? (photo)

I've recently noticed that my two front teeth are being pushed forward more and more, the one on the right much worse, and was wondering why this is happening since they did not use to be like this? What can be done to fix them and is there anything that I can do at home myself? How can I stop my two front teeth from being pushed out anymore?

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Front teeth progressively crowding

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From your photo it appears that in addition to your front teeth getting crowded you may have an "overbite" and an openbite.  I mention these two bite issues because sometimes if your front teeth don't bite properly the upper front teeth may lack support from the bottom teeth, making crowding more likely.  To prevent it from getting worse all you need to do is get a retainer or nightguard from an orthodontist or dentist and wear it at night.  To correct the problem I suggest you visit an orthodontist and see what types of approaches will work.  Two possiblities are braces and Invisalign.

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