Buccal Fat Removal at 40? (photo)

I am 40 years old but even now, my cheeks look fuller than in past years. I thought on a buccal fat removal but wonder if such work would make my cheeks look saggy. I am not fat and even in a normal weight, my face looks round. Is there another alternative to this procedure? I would not like to employ fillers as I had a very bad experience with them in the past. The great advantage of my face shape is a young look. Would I look my age if I got a bichectomy? Thanks in advance

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Buccal fat removal?

Dear Ondine,

  • If your cheeks look saggy, placing volume within the upper cheeks/lower eyelids would help
  • If you do not want a filler, fat transfer is another great option
  • One more option would be a type of lift
  • An in-person examination would help answer all of your questions and manage your expectations

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