I had my buccal fat removed about 7 years ago. Is there any way to "reverse" it satisfactorily?

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Restororing Cheek Volume can be Accomplished With Fat Transfer or Dermal Fillers

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Restoration of cheek volume following buccal fat removal can be accomplished with either fat transfer or dermal fillers.  Fat transfer has the advantage of replacing the excised  buccal fat with similar tissue. Several sessions may be required. Dermal fillers present an option with less down time and recovery.  I prefer to use Sculptra in this area.  Juvederm Volume, Perlane, and Radiesse are also options. I hope that this helps.

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Buccaal fat reversal

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While placement of fat directly into the deep space where your buccal fat pad once was is not really a n option, the fullness of your cheeks can be restored using traditional fat injection techniques.


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