Buccal Fat Removal Repair?

I had buccal fat removal in 24 and left me lots of regret.The surgery left me deep dents on cheeks. I feel myself like a skeleton, but the doctor said the surgery would just leave me a smooth line but not dents. I m afraid the dents will go further and I am just 29. Now i m thinking if fat grafting can help me. But I am afraid scar tissues after buccal fat removal may lead to the death of transferred fat cells or calcification. Is it recommendable for me to undertake fat grafting? Thanks a lot!

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Buccal fat repair

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Dear poiuy,

  • Fat transfer is still the best option to treat your problems
  • You can start with some fillers, but these would be more temporary than fat
  • It may be a little more difficult for the fat to take, but you should still see a nice result

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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