Will Buccal Fat Removal Help This Wrong Fat Injection? (photo)

I am skinny and have a jaunt-looking face, and was looking to fill up my cheeks. 4 yrs back I had fat injection The doctor injected into my cheek area, unfortunately the site shows a big lump whenever I open my mouth a bit wider. I feel that he should have injected instead into the area below my cheekbones instead (area btwn my nose & cheekbones below the eyes) The area looks fine when I don't open my mouth. I am wondering if buccal fat removal can resolve this. Thank you.

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Buccal Fat Pad Removal and Effect on Fat Grafting

               The area you think should have been injected can still be injected to improve your appearance.  The area into which the fat was placed could be liposuctioned to improve the area.  I would not recommend buccal fat pad removal in the hopes that this would help the area of which you speak.

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