Would Buccal Fat Removal Help in my Case? (photo)

In my mid-30's, slim, have always disliked what appears to be extra fat and/or skin under the cheekbone near the nose. It has not improved much with age, if anything just sagging now. What solution, if any, would be recommended from these photos? Thanks in advance.

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Would buccal fat pad removal help?

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Dear Photosinw,


To be a candidate for buccal fat pad removal requires thorough assessment given the fact that it is a delicate procedure and the buccal fat pad should be approached conservatively.

If performed by an extensively experienced surgeon, commendable results will show and the Ogee curve will be achieved.

Without a complete representation of your face and a physical examination, a complete assessment is hard to establish.

Nonetheless, there are several alternatives to consider in order to enhance the natural beauty of your face and develop the "heart shaped" facial composition.

Seeking a consultation with the right surgeon will help you make a solid decision and achieve the best results.

Thank you for posting your photographs.


Best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Buccal fat pad surgery would help remove this unwanted fullness

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Buccal fat pad removal and some fullness added via fat transfer or fillers to the upper cheek and lower eyelid area would help to balance the aesthetic structure of your face. You are lacking fullness in the mid third of the face and have excess fullness in the lower third giving you the appearance of looking tired. It is hard with the photography "blocking" to evaluate the upper portion of the face, brows and eye position. Another option may be an endoscopic browlift with some mid face suspension with buccal fat pad removal however it is difficult to tell with these photographs and no personal examination. If you would like to send some photographs to the website listed below without the blocking I would be able to give you a better expert opinion. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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