Should I Get Buccal Fat Pad Resection or Do I Just Need Fillers? (photo)

I have always had very chubby cheeks and I have 4 dimples (two on each side) that I have always hated and make me look very chubby and not attractive in photos.I have looked into Buccal Fat Pad resection but I dont know if I would be the right client for this procedure, I have also heard a couple horror stories after getting this procedure done. would fillers be an option? Is there something else you can recommend?

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Buccal fat removal for dimples

Dear jessicafrance,

  • Dimples are a sign of youth and attraction, so before you permanently try to get rid of them....
  • I would start with a temporary filler to see if you like the look of it
  • To see if buccal fat removal would help, I would need to see you without smiling

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Nima Shemirani


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