Buccal Bone Loss - Can I Get an Implant?

I recenlty had a fractured tooth/root extracted #7. I was told I might not be able to get an implant due to buccal bone loss. I think he said I have NO buccal bone. Can't I have this bone rebuild? I did get a bone graft. What are my chances of getting an implant in 6 months? I'm in my 20's.

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Can I get implants if there is not enough bone

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First and foremost consult a specialist . Preferably a periodontist . However, even if they can graft bone ,and place a membrane, since your tooth is in the front of your mouth, it may not be the most aesthetic option for you to get an implant. Anterior region  of the mouth has a thin bone, and there is no guaranteeing that 5-10 year from now, you would not get gum and bone recession and your implant may then show. 


Orange County Dentist

Buccal Bone Loss - Can I Get a Dental Implant?

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Dental implants are a tremendous technology for replacing teeth that are lost.

When a tooth is in particularly bad shape (a root fracture) it can have other impacts as well. Root fractures are notorius for deteriorating the neighboring bone.

Having the root removed is a great first step and it lets the area begin to heal. Often a bone graft is done at the same time the tooth is removed in order to preserve or possibly rebuild the bone.

For now, follow the instructions that the specialist gave you exactly. Maintain excellent nutrition, don't smoke, and exercise other healthy habits.

Frankly, it's just to early to tell. It may be many months before anyone knows. It's still the best way to replace a missing tooth, especially since you are young.

There are multiple ways to graft an area like that, but you are on the right track. Let it heal, and hopefully you can have the implant in a few months


Buccal Bone Loss Dental Implant

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You are most likely still a candidate for a Dental Implant. In fact, if the proper technique and bone grafting materials are used , the Implant can probably be placed at the time of grafting. As long as the Implant has stability the prognosis is good.

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Buccal Bone Loss and an Implant

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You should ask this question to the Oral Surgeon or Periodontal Surgeon that extracted your tooth and did the bone graft. He/she had a bird's eye view of the bony defect at the time of surgery, and would be able to give you the odds of a successful implant. You did the right thing in having the bone graft.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Yes you can rebuild bone

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I am a little confused. If they told you that you cannot build bone then why would they do a bone graft?? If you have a lack of buccal bone, there are a multitude of methods you can use to rebuild bone. Guided Bone Regeneration, block grafts, etc. The wait time for GBR is generally 3-4 months. You can then re-enter the site and place the implant.

Aria Irvani, DDS
Irvine Dentist

Buccal bone loss, can I get a dental implant?

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With current state of the art procedures, patients can have the buccal bone repaired and dental implants placed on a regular basis without a problem.  We utilize a 3-D xray and plan accordingly.    Good luck.

Tooth extracted, no bone, is the dental implant possible?

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Sorry to hear about your tooth lose.  There is usually a way to build up or augment bone for an implant.  This seems to be a recent occurrence which means that most of the vertical height of bone is there, to build up a buccal or front surface defect on the bone is very predictable.  Now 6 months may be pushing it.  An implant can be placed in this time period but may only have a temporary crown on it.  As long as you are healthy, non-smoker and take good care of the area this is a very predictable procedure.

Hope this help.

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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