Bubbly Skin Will Shrink on Left Lower Breast?

I had 800 cc salines went to 375 cc gels w Mastopexy. Came home with 2 drains ended up with blood clot in left breast my doctor Aspirated the the clot which on the lower left bottom has some skin hanging where blood got stuck its been one month have not seen a change with skin it's still hanging! I think I may need a small nip and tuck what do you think ? And what is a good support bra after BA and lift. Thank you,

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Excess skin shrinkage

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Thank you for your question. Unfortunately without picture and more importantly in person exam it would difficult to decided on what you need. My understanding is you are one month out of mastopexy and implant reduction and subsequent hematoma. The best thing  for you is to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. 

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